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Guardians of the Galaxy

I was able to see Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Studios, and let me tell you, it was a blast. I had so much fun watching it. One thing I personally was happy with was that there wasn’t a lot of romance happening along with the action. It was subtle, and not forced or full throttle like a lot of action movies with a love interest. That, for me, made it more enjoyable.

I love it when the whole theater laughs together, and you defiantly get that with Guardians. A friend of mine, who hasn’t seen any of the other marvel films, said she really enjoyed the movie. So even if you aren’t a die hard comic book fan, it’s possible to still enjoy the film as a stand alone.

The characters were built up gradually and their individual stories were easy to follow and not overly focused on. You got to learn about each character in turn without taking time away from the movie. They told you what you needed to know and nothing more. It was great. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t wish I knew more.
Like Rocket Racoon! I want to know how he came to be where he is, and how he met Groot. I loved the relationship they had and I would love to see where it all started with them.

I could seriously go on all day about this movie, but I’m afraid I’d start completely rambling and repeating myself. So let me make this review short: if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you should. It was enjoyable, funny, and action filled. I didn’t know how they would end it and I was very happy with the way it did and I’m excited to see what they bring in the next one!