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When I saw that the trailer was out my heart probably skipped a beat. I read the book first and I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I saw it was coming out as a movie. I’ll admit, I kind of hated the idea. What can I say, I’m a book lover and I know how movies can ruin even the best sellers when they hit the big screen.
After seeing the trailer, my view has completely changed. I’m in love with it all over again. I got the vibe from it I had gotten from the book and for me, that’s something that I look for when they turn a book into a movie: does it feel like the same story as I’ve read.
TFIOS feels like that for me. I want it to be like I’m re-reading the book with pictures, as word for word as possible. John Green is an amazing writer and I’d hate for his dialog to be lost in the scripts because for me, his words were quite magical.
I’m not familiar with the guy who play Augustus Waters (the leading male role) but the girl who plays Hazel Grace (the leading female role) I have seen before.

Of course I’m still nervous! I probably won’t shake it until I’ve seen the movie. TFiOS comes out June 6th and I’m already making plans with a fellow reader of this novel and friend, to see it as soon as we possibly can after it comes out. Fingers crossed for John Greens sick love story!