Media Assignment Response 7: Jordan Michael Johnson from WordPress

Jordan Michael Johnson published her review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) on the blog site WordPress. As an audience member who read the book prior to viewing the film, Johnson offers insight into how the two mediums represent Cameron’s story differently. Johnson discusses how she likes that the film starts off further into the book but how this also leads to new problems: the audience does not get a sense of who Cameron is. This reflects David Ehrlich’s point that the film includes the important aspects of the book but contradicts his argument to state that it takes away from Cameron as a character by not providing her with a sense of conflict. Since I have only watched the film, I found Johnson’s argument compelling as the evidence she provided for her claim made me curious about what was left out about Cameron in the adaptation because of the heavy focus on the conversion camp. I agree with her point that Cameron did not transform in the film’s narrative and that the other characters had more noticeable conflicts. However, I think the film did not go as in-depth with any of their characters as it could have, even when in comparison to Cameron’s, and thus had room for improvement overall.


Works Cited:

Johnson, Jordan Michael. “Coming-Of-Age Without Any Change: A Movie Review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018).” WordPress, 25 September 2019.

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