Media Assignment Response 6: Jordan Hoffman

Jordan Hoffman, a film critic for The Guardian, praises The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) in his review. Hoffman notes how each character is treated with “equal compassion” to demonstrate that everyone has multiple facets to their motivations and personality (“The Miseducation”). His observation reflects other critics opinions about characters in the film that would otherwise be known as one-sided antagonists. Most importantly, Hoffman’s review comments on something other critics have not: that Jane and Adam are the only characters of color in the film. This is something that I noticed when watching and I thought it would be pointed out more by the film’s critics and viewers since the director, Desiree Akhaven, is a queer woman of color herself. However, Hoffman does not include the information about Akhaven in his analysis and thus does not provide commentary on how this impacts the film. Consequently, I think Hoffman’s review of the film hints at a more analytical eye but ultimately fails to contribute to the larger discussion outside of the consensus of critic praise for the film. Nonetheless, Hoffman does highlight the significance of Miseducation for LGBTQ youth and how, unlike other films designated as “important,” the film represents something through its work.


Works Cited:

Hoffman, Jordan. “The Miseducation of Cameron Post Review – Prayers Answered with Conversion Therapy Drama.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 23 Jan. 2018.

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