Media Assignment Response 5: Tim Grierson

Tim Grierson is a Senior US Critic of the ScreenDaily and listed among IMDB’s critic reviews for The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018). Grierson concurs with past critical reviews of the film to say that Miseducation has a sense of humor that carries it through the more serious aspects of the film. He claims that the film will be “embraced by LGBTQ audiences,” but also notes how the film appeals to a broader audience (Grierson, “The Miseducation”). Grierson elaborates on his claim to state that the less risqué, “crowd-pleasing tone” the film utilizes and borrowing from familiar genres helps it achieve a universal coming-of-age appeal. Even though I see the argument Grierson makes for the universality of the film, I believe the film does not have the same appeal to larger audiences. Miseducation deals with heavy topics involving queer identities, and while it combats it with humor, it may isolate viewers due to the gravity of the film’s content. Due to the discrepancy between our interpretations of the film, it is interesting to question if Miseducation was made for a queer audience, a non-queer audience, or both. If it is both, then it may explain the universality that Grierson claims it to have, while also explaining the issues I have with it not going as far into depth as I would have preferred with its characters.


Works Cited:

Grierson, Tim. “’The Miseducation of Cameron Post’: Sundance Review.” Screen, 23 Jan. 2018.

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