Media Assignment Response 4: Peter Travers

Peter Travers of the Rolling Stone gives a 3-star rating in his review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018). Travers claims that the film “lacks the teeth to make its points stick” despite the Grand Jury Prize it won at the Sundance Film Festival (“The Miseducation”). He bases his argument in what he describes as the pitfalls of the Young Adult (YA) genre: unrequited love and unexpected tragedy. I agree with Travers in that the tragedy in the film feels forced despite the rest of the care the film has for the story it tells. Since the film does not spend time developing the other campers at God’s Promise, the tragedy befalling the camper in question does not carry the same weight for the audience as it only acts as a catalyst for the film’s conclusion. However, I do think the unrequited love between Cameron and her lover, Coley, was more nuanced than Travers made it seem. Based on the scenes between the two of them in the film, Cameron and Coley seemed to have a relationship that was reciprocal until other parties got involved. Nevertheless, the film does not expand upon this nuance in detail to explain Coley’s reasons for turning Cameron in to her aunt and how she was affected after the fact.


Works Cited:

Travers, Peter. “’The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ Review: Gay-Conversion Drama Is Timely, Too Timid.” Rolling Stone, 8 Aug. 2018.

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