Media Assignment Response 1: David Ehrlich

David Ehrlich, a senior critic at Indiewire, claims that the film adaptation of The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018) focuses on the important aspects of the book by the same name, is relatable to non-queer teenage audiences, and compels audiences to consider the point of view from the film’s antagonists despite their harmful actions. Ehrlich was included in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) critic scoring based on the data provided from a film critic consensus site called Metacritic. Ehrlich writes with a comical tone that alternates between summarizing the film and providing commentary.

I agree with Ehrlich’s point that this film relates itself to more than just queer teens, although I believe this a latent function of Desiree Akhavan humanizing her characters to combat the message of the film’s conversion camp, God’s Promise. As Ehrlich notes, this humanization extends to councilors as well to put pressure on the idea that all people involved in conversion camps due so with bad intentions. Instead, the film demonstrates that good intentions can be horribly misguided. Thus, I think Ehrlich points out an important aspect of the film: the care it places in addressing conversion camps holistically without excusing the effects of its actions. Ehrlich praises the long-takes of the film for creating space for the characters’ emotions. I cannot decide if I agree with this praise or not, as I feel torn between the beauty of what is left unsaid in the film and where it could have expanded more explicitly upon its characters’ growth.


Works Cited:

Ehrlich, David. “’The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ Review: This Beautiful Coming-of-Age Story Is Mike Pence’s Worst Nightmare – Sundance 2018.” IndieWire, 29 Jan. 2018,

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